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I haven't received this product yet

Works but I expected more

This cream truly prevents blemishes when new acne is coming and also helps to dry them quickly but I bought it because my skin was irritated , it's working but not quick enough for my liking.

Secret key to glowing skin

This product is just amazing.I felt the difference from day one.Keeps the skin hydrating,supple,youthful.Such a power pack ampoule

Worth it

Amazing sleeping mask

Very nice product loved it

M happy wt product but worse experience wt delivery man .

Love the cream

I have so much good things to say about this cream but the space is so little . All I can say is this cream is The Best cream I have discovered so far

Nice kit

A very nice kit with amazing products. Really like this curated kit ❤️

A must try

A must try travel kit . I love beauty buffet products . I always purchase them when I go to Thailand . I am so happy FCB has got them so now u can purchase them here . Amazing products 😊😊

Love it !! Very good.

Was looking for a good vitamin C serum and this one is dope a must try !

Love this kit

I as so confused with so many options in k beauty . This kit simply solved my problem. Amazing kit curated and love the products. Very happy with my purchase

A good face wash

A good face wash

HG product

I’m on my 5 th tub of this stuff and will never be without it. It makes my skin feel bouncy and smooth, and when I do get a breakout it heals so much faster. Magic! Flawlesscoat boutique give good deal time to time . Looking for another offer to buy my next tub from them

The best vitamin C

This is a wonderful vitamin C, although it's said to be beginner friendly, it works beautifully on skin pigmentation and dark spots, honestly very very effective. On my second bottle and flawless boutique provides the best price! 💗

My HG serum

Best purchase it every made :)

Night cream for my very dry skin

I bought it looking at the winters here in north and it’s an amazing night cream for my very dry skin . It gets absorbed very nicely to my skin and over a time I have seen brightening effect to my skin too . Very good cream 😊😊

Nice face wash

A very nice face wash at a very affordable price . Will repurchase it again

Worth every Penny

Love this mask . I wanted a whitening mask and I asked them to recommend me some on their Instagram page , within minutes they responded with choices for me to choose and highly recommended this . I went with their suggestion and I don’t regret at all . Worth every Penny. Highly recommend this mask for all those looking for budget friendly whitening mask 😊😊


I’ve been using this for two months every morning and have noticed a difference in my skin. It is brighter and my acne scars are lighten. I would buy again!

The best toner ever

I have extremely dehydrated and sensitive skin and this toner not only keeps my skin hydrated but it also soothes it. It has a watery lightweight texture and is easy to layer on. My skin has never looked better.

Even tone skin

This helped me with my acne scars and no I’m not getting paid to post this just recommending

Essential in the pandemic

The best hand cream to keep your hands moisturised and soft while sanitising in the midst of covid

Best vitamin c serum

The most powerful and perfect vitamin C serum, an essential for everyones skin care routine

Best cleansing oil

The absolute best oil cleanser, perfect addition for your skin care routine to start double cleansing


Good product for acne delivery was impressive