SCENTIO-Hair Professional Argon Oil Therapy Shampoo

SCENTIO-Hair Professional Argon Oil Therapy Shampoo

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SCENTIO-Hair Professional Argon Oil Therapy Shampoo  is the special recipe hair nourishing shampoo for hair volume is integrated with the value of Argan oil 100% Organic from Morocco and six types of natural oil. The specific recipe is for efficient hair treatment to nourish hair to be soft, sleek and shiny for thinning and weary hairs, and to recover and nourish dry and damaged hairs to become healthy and helps making the natural volume of hair without deflation, and making dry and damaged hair to be soft, sleek and shiny, recovering and nourishing dry and damaged hair to become naturally healthy.

Fast Facts:

Hair Therapy

Combination of Argan oil and 6 essential oils leave your hair and scalp nourished and with a therapy essence. Hair feels more light, shiny and repaired.

Argan Seed oil

Use of Argan Seed oil to formulate a combination which is great for overall scalp health and promotes repair of damaged hair.

100% Organic formula

Formula created with 100% organically grown ingredients which promote naturally occurring effects on scalp and hair.

Perfect for: It is suitable for all skin types.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) SCENTIO-Hair Professional Argon Oil Therapy Shampoo
NET WEIGHT: 500 ml
INGREDIENTS: Key ingredients are Argan oil, Rosemary oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Tea Tree oil, Chamomile oil, Sage oil, and Olive oil

How to Use:  

Step 1 Wet your hair thoroughly.

Step 2 Take out some Scentio Hair Professional Argan Oil Therapy Shampoo on your fingers.

Step 3 Apply to scalp and massage hair until lather forms.

Step 4 Wash with generous amount of water.

About the Brand:

Scentio is one of the premium brands of a beauty company from Thailand, namely beauty buffet. Scentio products have gone viral among Indonesians. These products are BPOM tested and are very safe to use. Beauty Buffet is Thailand's prime skincare brand. It integrates between the concept of breakfast buffet and cosmetic retail sales in order to create an outstanding uniqueness. It has a wide array of products ranging from a face mask, face scrub, face serum, body mask, body scrub, body serum, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Not only do the products have buffet style ingredients and variety to choose from, but also they are packed with advanced treatments that give the skin complete care.


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